End Suction Chemical Pump-KEC SERIES

  • Heavy duty bearing ensures long life
  • Parts Interchangeability
  • Bearing Condition Monitoring
  • Various sealing options: Gland Packing, Mechanical Sea, Expellers
  • Back Pull-out Designs
  • Renewable Wear Parts
  • Heavy Duty Shaft Bearing
  • Excellent Impeller Adjustment



Power Range 5 kw – 150kw
Nominal Speed 970/1450/2900 rpm
Max. Discharge 1020 m3/h

Head Range

198 m

Max. Solid allowable

50 mm

Max. Operating Pressure


16 bar


Outlet size


25-200 mm


Max. Operating Temperature 232’C



  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • General Industry


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