Mini Sewage & Drainage Pumps

Genvik drainage & sewage pumps are perfectly powered by motor designed to deliver optimal performance and to with stand vagaries of weather and power fluctuation.

Genvik’s well equipped R&D coupled with the latest engineering software & technology, highly flexible production facilities, stringent, integrated & modern quality control systems well tuned logistics system & steadfast work force ensure delivery of high standard and flawless products. Proven performance, functional design, quality and after sales support ensure trouble free operation year after year.



Part Name

KSS / KDS Series KSP / KDP Series
Pump body Stainless Steel Plastic


Shaft S.S 304 S.S 304
Pump casing Stainless Steel Plastic
Mechanical seal Carbon Ceramic Carbon Ceramic



 Power range 350 to 650 Watts
 Versions Single Phase 230V, 50Hz, A.C Supply
 Degree of Protection  IP 68
Class of insulation E
 Delivery Size Drainage : 11⁄4″, Sewage : 11⁄2″
Max. ambient temp. 40°C
Max. liquid temp. 40°C
 pH Value  6 – 8.5
Max. immersible depth 5m


Residential drainage and sewage Gardening | De-watering