Sewage Pumps

Fully submersible pressure tight electric motor Insulation class H. Protection degree IP 68 Three-phase 3×380/415V-50 Hz.
Different voltage and frequency on request.
Shaft in stainless steel AISI 420
Bearings over-dimensioned long-life
Double mechanical seal in oil chamber + radial lipseal Water side: silicon carbide/silicon carbide Motor side: graphite/alumina

Impeller high head cast iron Vortex
Cable H07RNF
Thermal protection standard in the single phase execution
Plug with capacitor till 30.000 hours (external for pumps SN 7)
Float switch regulator
AET-AEM electrical gear for three-phase and single-phase execution
Oil inspection plug
Air plug hole for the motor watertightness control



Motor housing Cast iron EN-GJl-250
Motor housing Cast iron EN-GJl-250
Impeller Cast iron EN-GJl-250
Cover Cast iron EN-GJl-250
Shaft Stainless steel X30 Cr13 (AISIi420)
O-rings guarniture Nitrile
Cable Neoprene
Screws Stainless steel A2 AISI 304



Max. application temperature 40°C
Service S1
Max. startings per hour 20
Max. immersion depth 20 m
PH liquid 6 ÷ 12
Liquid viscosity 1 mm2/s
Liquid density 1 Kg/dm3
Max. acustic pression <70dB



Power range up to 50 kW
Speed 2900 / 1440 rpm
Versions 3Ph, 380V / 415V – 50Hz
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Degree of Protection IP 68
Insulation Class F.
Impeller Type Strategic Blade Vortex
  Curved blade Vortex
  Grinder Vortex
Motor Type Dry (Rewindable)
pH Value 6 to 10
Head Maximum 65 m
Maximum Flow 216 m /h
Solid Handling Capacity up to 100 mm
 Maximum Liquid Temperature 40°C
Delivery Size 21/2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ & 10″